Flawless Quality Delivered Against Tight Timelines
through Superior Project Management


One of the Largest Retail Gaints of US with its corporate office presence in India, had to complete its office interiors in time for an important upcoming Global meet. Therefore, the team required the work to be completed within a fixed timeline, with no scope for compromises in terms of the handover deadline.

At the same time, the quality had to be top-notch and adherence with Client’s standard guidelines without any deviations. Besides, the project had to be completed keeping in mind strict restrictions with respect to working hours.. In addition, Client also needed to refurbish a terrace café and required design consultation for the same, in addition to project management.

We functioned as the perfect link between both Client and GC through quick reviews and effective decision making.

Our Approach

Vitana Projects was tasked with the entire project management process and expected to act as the de-facto client representative for the duration of the project. We were responsible for the review, approval and decision making for Project design, as well as cost and execution in consultation with client. Given the tight timelines, Vitana Projects adopted a proactive approach with aggressive follow ups and guidance to both the client and GC. Considering the restricted working hours, Vitana Projects closely helped PMC and vendors on execution plans by,

  • Providing timely information and Clarification. Timely Approvals from Client stake holders, builders and consultants to vendors also played a huge role in helping to stay on track. Another priority was to provide schedule of delivery of long lead items and to ensure there were stand by alternatives to items such as wall papers, skirting, floor profiles and etc
  • Cost optimization was achieved through a thorough review of design, BOQs, and material specification without compromise on Quality
  • Time optimization was achieved by providing onsite solution and path forward to GC